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        10 May 2011

Viva Talks About Spartacus - Interview on


Viva is interviewed on about her new movie "X" - click here to read the interview. Towards the end of the interview there is this excerpt about Spartacus:

Nick Nunziata: Spartacus has obviously introduced you to a whole new audience. What kind of project have you not yet done that are still hoping to do?

Viva Bianca: What I really want is to keep working in as many diverse ways as possible. I’m shooting Season 2 Spartacus in New Zealand right now. After that I’d love to work on the other side of the globe in a genre so completely removed from the Spartacus world. I’d love to play a Russian spy. That’s the Eastern-Euro talking in me (I’m half Polish). But then again, I’d really like to shoot something in America. Something contemporary, intelligent and evocative. But of course the future is unknown.

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To find out more about Viva's movie "X" go to the Official Viva Bianca subsite for the movie