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        20 July 2011

EW Submit Your Questions to Lucy for EW Interview at Comic Con

Image will be interviewing Lucy and they are asking fans to submit their questions!

PopWatch has always been an established safe house for nerds/geeks/dorks/pop culture misfits. And while we always encourage you to be yourself, this time, I’m really asking you to let your geek flag fly.

As part of our big Comic-Con plans, we’re sitting down with Spartacus‘ fearless (and frisky) Lucrecia — i.e. Lucy Lawless — and are soliciting your burning questions. Anything will go (as long as we keep it clean, people). Here are some sample questions to get you started:

– Which gladiator would Lucrecia most likely get busy with? Russell Crowe’s Maximus (Writer’s note: That sounds hot), Marcus Aquila (Channing Tatum in The Eagle) or Charlton Heston’s Judah Ben-Hur?
– Have you ever done the Xena battle cry while you were alone?
– Did you keep the Xena skirt?

Click here for more on how to submit your question

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