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        15 July 2011

Steven DeKnight On New Photo of Liam as Spartacus

liam_spartacus.jpgMonsters and Critics has an article about the new Liam as Spartacus Pics and had a quote from Steven about the upcoming season

Steven S. DeKnight posted about the new photo of Liam McIntyre:

Following the chaotic events at the end of season one (Blood and Sand), Spartacus is on the heels of leading a slave rebellion with the bold promise to make "Rome tremble".  Lucretia (Lucy Lawless ) has been left for dead after a seemingly fatal stabbing at the hands of Crixus and housemaster Batiatus has been struck down by Spartacus himself. Vengeance picks up after the blood splattered finale and promises to be huge in scope as Spartacus begins to amass his army with one goal in mind: revenge.

"Finally we have some pics of Liam McIntyre from Spartacus: Vengeance!"

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