AUSXIP Spartacus News


        3 August 2011

New Message from Lucy - Win a Meet & Greet!

Received the following note from Lucy - she is raising money for Greenpeace and the Rainbow Warrior III - As many of you are aware the first Rainbow Warrior was sunk by the French in the 1980's and now Greenpeace want to launch another Rainbow Warrior. Lucy is a Greenpeace ambassador. More details about the auction as it comes to hand but here is Lucy's message:

I am auctioning a meet and greet as part of the Greenpeace Int'l auction to raise money for the Rainbow Warrior III. I am selling some artwork and personal jewelry. After all, it's not worth @#$! without a clean planet.

Auction is Aug 24 in NY.

I am on a mission to raise money so that the Rainbow Warrior III can battle 'The Oncelers', as Dr Seuss called them, that are raping our planet. A sustainable future is within our grasp. Evolve now!

Love, love, love,