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        23 August 2011

Spartacus Press Round Table Interviews with Spartacus Cast at Comic Con Transcript

This year’s San Diego Comic Con definitely proved that if you’re willing to fight for it, you’ll get to see something good. Stepping up and fighting for a spot in the press room for the upcoming season of Spartacus was certainly worth the experience. I’d like to present a press round table in five parts.

ImageComic Con Interview Transcript with Lucy Lawless:

Part one is with the stunning and ever delightful queen of all nerdom, Lucy Lawless, who of course portrays the conniving lady of the ludus, Lucretia.


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ImageSpartacus interview #2 (of 5): Dustin Clare

Part two is with the ever charming Dustin Clare who portrays the handsome and charismatic gladiator, Gannicus.



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Spartacus interview #3 (of 5): Manu Bennett

Now in part three we talk with Manu Bennett, the smoldering and challenged champion, Crixus.


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