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        1 August 2011

Spartacus Season 03 To Feature Conan Stevens

The following is from Conan Stevens and he will be in Season 2:

I can now formally announce that I have signed with the Starz TV series SPARTACUS. As such I am now again in New Zealand preparing for my role during The Hobbit hiatus.

As a bonus today I recieved the six episodes of season 02 Spartacus - Gods Of The Arena to watch as background information. Not being a big watcher of TV personall, and not having access to the program at home in Asia this is the first I have seen of the series.

And I must say that I am impressed. I have watched episodes 01 to 04 straight with only breaks to cook food, and by the looks of it I will watch the entire season in one sitting - a very rare occurance, even for professional reasons.

Spartacus itself is another "jewel in the crown" of my credit list so to speak, in the last year now that is "Game Of Thrones", "The Hobbit" and now "Spartacus" - all pretty reputable Western credits that add considerable weight to my existing list....

Spartacus, the Roman period Action Drama TV series caught my attention mainly for the reasons (1) it is action/gladiator centered and (2) it is almost 'fantasy' based. Basically my niche, the area I have built my skill set to match.

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