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        18 September 2011

Butterfly With Broken Wings - Interview with Vashti Whitfield Sunday Telegraph 18 September 2011

ImageImageThe wife of Spartacus star Andy Whitfield tearfully recalls his last words

THE beloved wife of actor Andy Whitfield has tearfully recalled the brave Spartacus star's final words to his kids: "I am going to go to sleep now as my body won't work any more. I am like a butterfly with broken wings."

Vashti, 38, of Paddington, said the actor had tried to remain strong until the end and never lost hope he would be able to beat non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, the cancer which took his life last weekend.

He also made an emotional deathbed promise to his young family, telling his children Jesse Red, 6, and Indigo Sky, 4, "I will always be with you and will always be watching over you. I love you."

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