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        18 September 2011

Lucy's Spring Clean: Herald On Sunday 18 September 2011


Lucy's Spring Clean
Herald On Sunday 18 September 2011

STARSHIP FOUNDATION has kicked off its Spring Clean campaign inviting Kiwis to clean up, clear out and sell off, all in support of the kids at Starship. Celebs have contributed exclusive items which can be bought on Trade Me, including a bespoke suit donated by the Prime Minister, a racing suit and signed gear from Scott Dixon and Spartacus costumes from Lucy Lawless.

The warrior princess told Spy she was happy Starz, the American network behind Spartacus, “was kind enough to help out our National Children’s Hospital”. Lawless donated 10 costumes from the hit show, including dresses worn by her and Viva Bianca, gladiator costumes worn by Manu Bennett and Peter Mensah, and a tunic worn by John Hannah.

“I asked for Barbara Darragh’s stunning designs for some of our most popular characters – Batiatus, Lucretia, Crixus, Barca and, of course, Spartacus. Who wouldn’t want to walk in their shoes for a day?” Lawless said. “This is the gown I was wearing at the arena the day Spartacus killed Solonius. It was a raucous day of filming, I seem to remember. The gown’s colours reflect the shock and awe of the scene.”


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