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        20 January 2012

No Incest on Spartacus Because of Game of Thrones

ImageWarning: Spartacus-related spoilers await you…

Jupiter's C***! If you're like us here at IGN TV then you can't wait for Spartacus: Vengeance to erupt all over your TV screen on Friday, January 27th. Having just wrapped shooting for the season, and about to enter into pre-production on next season, EP/Creator Steven S. DeKnight sat down with IGN to talk about the latest bloody chapter, in which Spartacus, Crixus, Mira and the rest of the renegade slaves are on the run from the cruel man who originally sold Spartacus and his wife into slavery, Gaius Claudius Glaber (Craig Parker).

We spoke to DeKnight about the passing of Andy Whitfield, new star Liam McIntyre, villains beyond Glaber and the surprising lack of incest on a show as extreme as Spartacus.

IGN: First off, where do we find Spartacus and the slaves at the outset of this season?

Steven S. DeKnight: With this season we pick up about six to eight weeks after the events of Season 1, with the attack on the ludus. And the rebels are out and about and what was always planned, from the beginning of Spartacus, was that I didn't want, after they broke free, for them to be Robin Hood and his Merry Men. They are not getting along. There's internal conflict. There's difference of opinion. Not everybody's on the same page. And this is something that will carry us through a good chunk of the series. So they are out but their survival is not guaranteed. We didn't want to go from breaking out to them having 60,000 people. This is the season when you're going to watch and see Spartacus become a leader. He's still struggling with that mantle.

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