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        20 January 2012

'Spartacus' star Nick Tarabay: 'New season will shock fans'

ImageSpartacus star Nick Tarabay has promised that future episodes will shock viewers.

The actor, who plays Ashur on the Starz drama, told Zap2it that fans will not be able to predict the plot twists in the new season, subtitled Vengeance.

"Whatever you think you know about Spartacus or the characters of Spartacus, forget it." he warned. "Forget about what you saw.

"The people that you love, you're going to hate. The people that you hate, you're going to love. And just when you think you've got it figured out, it changes again."

Australian actor Liam McIntyre - who replaces the late Andy Whitfield as Spartacus - recently described the new ten-part run as "immense".

"It's everything you love about the show, but it's bigger," he said. "There's all the blood, the guts, the sex, the violence, the intrigue, the back-stabbing, the double-cross and all that, and that's all ramped up because the stakes are so much higher."