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        17 January 2012

Starz to Launch Second 'Spartacus' Facebook Game, Sampling Opportunities for Show

ImageStarz Digital Media, the digital and on-demand licensing arm of Starz, will launch a new Facebook social game, Spartacus: Vengeance The Game, on Jan. 27, the same day that the new season of the action series starts on the premium TV network.

Starz launched its first-ever social game, Spartacus: The Game, originally named Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, on Facebook in Jan. 2011. It has drawn approximately 4 million registered users and had more than 1.2 million monthly active users at its peak, according to the company. It did so well that Starz decided to follow it up with the second game, in which it made a bigger, but undisclosed investment.

For now, a sneak preview video teaser is available to help promote the new game, which – like its predecessor – is free.

Viewers of the teaser can "like" the game and sign up to be invited to play it once it is live. The show has more than 2 million Facebook fans globally.

Starz executives said that the game will help promote the series' return to existing and potential new fans. Dave Katz, vp, digital media, Starz Media, said the game is an "excellent cross-marketing mechanism to attract the gaming audience on Facebook."

The game is also designed to keep fans engaged even after the new season ends – something the first game succeeded at, according to Starz executives.

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