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        20 February 2012

Spartacus: 5 Tips to Get You From Skinny to Spartacus

Image5 Tips to Get You From Skinny to Spartacus

When Liam McIntyre auditioned for the television drama Spartacus: Vengeance, he couldn't have looked less fit for the title role. He was fresh off a movie called Frozen Moments, playing a man who had awakened from a coma. Skinny made sense for that. For Spartacus? Not so much.

But McIntyre is a good actor, so the Starz network put him at the top of its list, with one major caveat: At go time, he'd better look the part of a rebel warrior.

So he set out to rebuild his musculature. (Search: Healthy ways to reshape your body) "It was a combination of mental and physical effort," he says. "The body can do incredible things as long as the mind supports it."

We're providing McIntyre's fitness advice and our own accompanying Spartacus workout (exclusively available on Men?s Health Personal Trainer). Put them both to work, and when you reach go time?beach vacation, high school reunion, first date?you'll be sure to look the part, too.

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