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        2 March 2012

Craig Parker NOT on Twitter - CONFIRMED and List of REAL Accounts

Well I woke up to a storm and it was on twitter (where else?). Yesterday Craig Parker announced himself to the twitter world that he had arrived. Yes @RealCraigParker was legit.

Was he?

You know we are all now so used to drongos passing themselves off as the real thing; just look at how many didn't believe Lucy had a twitter account.
Now we wait for confirmation from those in the know and those in the know came on and confirmed.

One person had doubts...and that was Lesley-Ann Brandt. She got a message from Craig and confirmed with him that it was indeed a fake.

So who is real and who is fake?

Lesley-Ann tweeted the following:

@realcraigparker Is definitely not Craig guys. Received a message frm him last night.

Lucy just tweeted the following:

@VivaBianca @realgraigparker NOT Craig Parker! Craig, Viva and I are great pals.

Re Craig Parker Twitter - For the record, this is NOT Craig Parker. We know who it is and he's very silly.

REAL Accounts: