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        6 March 2012

Gladiator Hits The Beach Manu Bennett Competes in Takapuna Beach Series

Image634666101848281250Gladiator Hits The Beach
North Shore Times
6 March 2012

Actor Manu Bennett from the hit series Spartacus takes time out of his busy schedule each week to compete in the Takapuna beach series.  The North Shore resident, who plays the part of Crixus, decided to get into the spirit by entering the 16-week competition.  His whole family is involved including his fouryear-old daughter Huia, who competes in the junior run.

‘‘It’s a great social event. All the kids get together, sometimes they don’t come back and we have to go looking for them,’’ Bennett says.

The on-screen fierce gladiator has a softer side and his priorities are centred around his family.

‘‘Being a family man is my focus,’’ he says.

Bennett loves challenging some of New Zealand’s top athletes each week.

‘‘Its great, there’s nothing like training and competing against the best – you lift your game.’’

The 42-year-old finds the beach series a great opportunity to train for his television role.

‘‘There’s physical expectations in the industry and paddleboarding complements what I do with training. People think I’m a gym junkie but I’m the opposite – I enjoy the outdoors,’’ Bennett says.

The third season of Spartacus will follow on from Blood and Sand and the recent prequel Gods of the Arena.