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        9 March 2012

Jaime Murray Cast In New SyFy Series Defiance

Image634669216424814453I've been way behind in the loop when it comes to Jaime Murray; didn't know who she was until she got cast in Spartacus Gods of the Arena. Naturally, I paid attention (I'm a little late on the uptake sometimes) and was very impressed.

Mesh (super patient assistant editor and oldest serving sidekick) sighed in absolute relief when she realised I was finally paying attention to someone she had been raving on about to me(I think she mentioned Warehouse 13 and Dexter). Better late than never, I say. Mesh is editing this fantastic AUSXIP site about Jaime on AUSXIP Jaime Murray, go look, it's fabulous!

I became a Jaime fan and thus watched Warehouse 13 Seasons 1 - 3 (and became a huge fan of the show itself). Goodness she makes a great HG Wells! Not sure about Dexter yet but I'm working up to that.

Anyhoo now comes the news that Jaime has been cast in an upcoming Syfy series called Defiance!

The following is from TV Line:

Former Dexter stars (and real-life pals) Julie Benz and Jaime Murray have both been cast in Syfy’s upcoming series Defiance.

Set in a dystopian future, the drama finds humans and aliens coexisting on a war-ravaged Earth that has been transformed by terra-forming machines.
Benz joins Defiance as Amanda Rosewater, the idealistic mayor of a burgeoning mining town who is resigned to maintaining peace within her community. Murray will play the “beautiful and proper” wife of Datak (Pillars of the Earth‘s Tony Curran), a member of an elite alien race. British actress Stephanie Leonidas also has been cast, as an extraterrestrial.

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