AUSXIP Spartacus News


        1 March 2012

Spartacus Cast join Twitter: Manu and Stephen Dunlevy

It was a Sparty Twitter party happening today on today. We had three Spartacus cast join Twitter

These are the real deal and not fakes and were confirmed by Steven DeKnight, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Katrina Law, Liam McIntyre, Campbell Cooley.  It has taken Manu a long time to come on board. Back in July 2011, Katrina and Liam tried to convince Manu to join Twitter in the hilarious AUSXIP video "interview" from Comic Con (wasn't much of an interview but a free for all with AUSXIP Reporter Lori losing all control of it right from the beginning).


-  Manu Bennett @TrueManuBennett

Stephen Dunlevy (soon to be seen in Episode 6 - check out the Season 2 Episode 6 Episode Stills) @StephenDunlevy

and of course Lucy Lawless who you all know already has joined twitter  a couple of weeks ago. Her twitter account is @RealLucyLawless