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        14 March 2012

Spartacus Season 3 News Casting for Julius Caesar and Crassus

Image634672997703750000Well Season 2 is not done yet but we just got word about Season 3 casting. EW Is reporting that two famous men in Roman history have now been cast: Julius Caesar and Marcus Crassus.

These coveted roles have gone to Australian Todd Lasance and English actor Simon Merrelis. Interesting casting choices.

I've been watching Crownies (a superb Australian drama which has now been benched) and Todd. This is a huge step up for Todd and I'm looking forward to how he handles such a huge role.  Todd was the golden boy of Crownies...he is stepping up to the golden boy of Rome.

EW Reports: Todd is cast as a young Caesar, who will begin his ascent toward ruling the empire. He’ll use his intelligence and deadly skill with a sword to try and crush the slave rebellion.

I wonder if young Caesar will meet Lucretia...that would be funny. for non Xena fans, Xena (Lucy) and Julius Caesar had a long running animosity starting  with Xena's betrayal and the start of a long bloody era. Long story but it didn't end well for Caesar.  That Caesar was playing by the fantastic Karl Urban. Maybe if Lucretia and the young Caesar meet it would have the opposite effect and Lucretia will become the Mother Teresa of the Roman world!

Season 3 is shaping up. Let's see what the last three episodes of Season 2 brings us and who survives Season 2 and goes into Season 3...EW says the producers have said the drama will get even more bloody and shocking toward the finale.