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        19 March 2012

Steven DeKnight Tweets About Spartacus Season 3

Steven has been busy answering questions about Season 3:

@stevendeknight: Buy stock in Kleenex. RT @ChristinaCali @stevendeknight how brutal is season 3 going to be? Source

@stevendeknight: Yes.  Start shooting next month.  RT @IOFFRECHERREZ @stevendeknight but will it have a third season right? Source

@stevendeknight: 10.  No title yet.  RT @ZackNero03  how many episodes will the third season be and what's it called? Source

@stevendeknight:  Greetings, Ven!  S3 Jan. 2013 in US. RT @jongear  Greetings from Venezuela!, we are fans of #spartacus When the third season comes out? Source


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