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        1 April 2012

Spartacus on German TV Direct Magazine Scan

The following scan and translation was sent in by Marion.


scan of the German Magazine “TV direct”. German TV will start to show Spartacus Blood and Sand on PRO7 on 20TH April.

The text on the picture:

Sandals-Show “Spartacus”  - Off to the arena

Blood, sand (-als) and a lot of sex is showing in the brand-new American history show Spartacus. The history of the roman slave, who was trained to a gladiator and must fight for his life in the arena, is captured in strong, comic-like pictures. In addition come the extensive told erotic fantasies of the rich women, who hale this musclemen in their beds. PRO7 shows the series for adults on Fridays as two-parts series, the first at 10.15 pm as cutting version and the second after 11.00 pm almost without cutting.  The series was the breakthrough for Andy Whitfield (on the right). Tragically  Whitfield lost the fight at the age of only 39 against cancer after shooting first season.

The wife of Spartacus Sura who pines for him …    

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