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        1 April 2012

Spartacus Season 3 News Snippets from EW, Huffington Post and AV Club Interviews

Now that Season 2 has ended with the death of 7 main characters, Spartacus Season 3 (No Name Yet) speculation and info will be surfacing. Here is the latest from interviews with various cast and writer/creator Steven DeKnight:


Now that Spartacus has had his vengeance, what will drive him in season 3?

That’s a very good question and one that’s asked of him in season three: What drives him now? it’s something we touch upon when we start the next season. Once you have vengeance its a hollow victory and it’s never enough … If you read the history, they went all of the map marauding, pillaging, raping. For storytelling purposes we touch on some of that, though for a narrative you need a more linear projection for your hero. But that does come into play.

What else can you tell us about season 3?

It’s way too big. Every episode seems gigantic so we’re wrestling with the production issues of that. This season was moving Spartacus toward becoming a leader, next season — which doesn’t have a subtitle yet — is very much about Spartacus being a leader and leading this war. We’ll jump about six months ahead, where Spartacus and his band of rebels have become thousands and they’re causing Rome some real concern.


From: The Huffington Post

Are Gannicus, Crixus, Agron, Nasir and Naevia all coming back next season? Are any other characters from Season 2 returning?

Gannicus, Crixus, Agron, Nasir and Naevia -- and the actors that portray them -- are all returning next season. Joining them will be Saxa, Lugo, Nemetes and Donar [all of whom joined the show in Season 2]. I can't guarantee they will all make it to until the end of the season, but at least they'll be alive at the beginning!

Is the show done with Capua for good? Are you taking the Spartacus escaped-slave show on the road to Rome?

We have indeed turned our backs on Capua for good. We will not be revisiting the city, Batiatus' ludus, or the destroyed area. Instead Spartacus' Escaped-Slave and Pandemonium Shadow Show (with apologies to Mr. Bradbury) will take their war across the lands of the Republic, offering up stunning new vistas and impossible situations. I've seen some of the early designs and one major set already being built, and they are truly a feast for the eyes. If "Vengeance" expanded the Spartacus world, this next season completely blows it up.

Is Ilythia dead, or will she be back next season?

Steven DeKnight:
Ilithyia is definitely 100 percent gone to grass. Her story was intimately tied to Lucretia's. It seemed only fitting their story should end together.


From A.V. Club

AVC: Casting news has come out for both Julius Caesar and Marcus Crassus for season three. As the historical names get more and more familiar to lay audiences, how close are you to telling the full story of Spartacus on Starz?

SD: I think we’re nearing it, especially in terms of bringing in Crassus. Historically speaking, there are several more people that go after Spartacus, before Crassus, after Glaber. But looking at the history, it was, “Spartacus goes north! Spartacus goes south! Spartacus goes east! Then he goes back south!” It was a lot of chasing him about the same terrain, back and forth. And we decided that instead of trying to put new spins on four new villains, let’s put all of our eggs into the Crassus basket.

And then, in discussions with our historical consultants, they threw out that this was an era in which not a lot is known about what Caesar did. They knew he was a tribune, and it was possible that he served under Crassus. So we latched immediately onto that: “Young Julius Caesar!” You can’t go wrong there. So we added him in. But we really wanted to take the other characters and the other things that happened and roll them into the Crassus campaign, because it felt more like a complete and emotional story we could tell.

AVC: It seems like you and Starz have been on the same page in terms of the show thus far. But has there been any push/pull concerning the number of seasons Starz would like produced versus the number you feel is necessary to complete the story?

SD: There’s always that kind of horse-trading and figuring out. I think we’ve all settled on what that is now. I can’t reveal what that is, but I believe we have all settled on the same thing.

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