AUSXIP Spartacus News


        3 June 2012

Unedited Spartacus on Aussie TV - A Mini Review


Spartacus on Australian TV is an exercise in frustration; frustration because we get the edited version and the edited version is a poor imitation of the unedited version. It loses it's oomph. This is rather strange considering Aussie TV is not known for it's prudish behaviour. In any event, the show is shown on the GO! channel and it's edited. The edited version is rather sedate with no sex, no violence and no blood (or very minimal). The scenes are shot differently, the swear words are innocuous - you can actually show this version to your local girl scout gathering..okay maybe not the girl scouts but you get the idea .

Foxtel is now showing Season 1 on their Showcase channel and I tuned in to see if they were showing the edited or unedited version. It was Episode 8 and poor Segovax and all those naughty words proved that it was indeed the unedited version <g> You have to feel for Segovax who really got the raw end of the deal from his Domina Ilithyia. He must have not got the memo that dealing with Ilithyia was dangerous for your health.

If you want to tune in and catch the unedited version you need Foxtel and you need Showcase. OR you can go to Sanity and buy the unedited DVD or Blu-Ray.

I have to say it was so good seeing Andy back on the box. I've missed him. Rest in peace, Andy.

That's it for the mini report.