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27 July 2012

Be Here Now: The Andy Whitfield Story Will Air on CBS 26 July in US

The following was posted by the Be Here Now Official Twitter


Find out more about the film by going to the official site:



27 July 2012

Spartacus Gods of the Arena DVD Release in Italy 13 September

screenshot_02On September 13 the Italian DVDs of Spartacus Gods of the Arena are going to be released.


Click here to buy from Amazon


News submitted by Barbara Bruno



25 July 2012

Spartacus Vengeance DVD Video Promo + Cover Art


Anchor Bay PR sent along the latest DVD cover art for the upcoming release of Spartacus Vengeance on DVD and Blu-Ray. Included was the video of Michael Hurst directing the show and a behind the scenes look on the making of Spartacus.

On 05 June 2012 I posted the official press release with a promo video - Press Release: Spartacus Vengeance on DVD and Blu-Ray + Bonus Features

Three-Disc Set Contains All 10 Episodes And Bonus Features!




Oops sorry you can see this? You need flash



24 July 2012

Official Starz Spartacus Panel at 2012 Comic Con

Starz has released the video of the full Spartacus panel with all the cast of Spartacus at the 2012 Comic Con 13 July 2012

Click here to find out more Lucy's role on Spartacus



21 July 2012

Video: Spartacus: War of the Damned - Gladiator Boot Camp

A behind the scenes look at the training Spartacus actors go through to prepare for their roles.
Spartacus: War of the Damned coming January 2013.




21 July 2012

Spartacus Comic Con Interviews Roundup

Spartacus War of the Damned Interview Liam and Manu (SDCC 2012) via Machinima


Manu Bennett Talks Spartacus: War of the Damned at Comic Con 2012 via ThinkHero


Cynthia Addai-Robinson Talks Spartacus: War of the Damned at Comic Con 2012 via ThinkHero




21 July 2012

Spartacus Panel at Comic Con Clip 5

Uploaded another clip of Lucy &  the Spartacus cast on the Spartacus panel at Comic Con. Video taken by Angela Pavlica



21 July 2012

Spartacus: Vengeance - Exclusive Clip - Directing the Rebellion

Michael Hurst on Directing on Spartacus Vengeance

Director/Producer Michael Hurst gives you a behind the scenes look at all the gritty fight scenes you know and love from the Starz hit show, Spartacus: Vengeance. The complete second season is new to DVD & Blu-ray September 11th.


Watch more top selected videos about: Anchor Bay Entertainment, Manu Bennett



19 July 2012

AUSXIP Video: Lucy Lawless & Spartacus Cast at SDCC Spartacus Panel Clips 1-4

Angela Pavlica sent me a few clips of the Spartacus Panel with Lucy and the Spartacus cast which was on 13 July 2012.
Here's 4 clips presented in a playlist. There are two more longer clips being uploaded now and will be posted shortly.




19 July 2012

Behind The Scenes Videos from War of the Damned Set

Here's some behind the scenes videos on War of the Damned set - if you are keeping spoiler free (don't know why but if you are, don't follow the link!)

Time lapse video of WOTD set

Mens Health video with the actors from WOTD



19 July 2012

Spartacus Cast at Comic Con Spartacus Panel Photos by Angela

Image634782815765761719 Angela has sent in her photos of the Spartacus cast the the Comic Con Spartacus Panel.

Video of the panel will be up shortly which was taken by Angela.




Click here to view



18 July 2012

Video: TV Equal Interviews Spartacus Cast at Comic Con

Interviews by TV Equal of the Spartacus Cast during Comic Con on 13 July 2012


Here is an interview of Manu Bennett who plays Crixus in the Spartacus series which is entering its third and final season of the series and will be titled "Spartacus War of the Damned"




Here is an interview of Steven S DeKnight who is the executive producer of the Spartacus series which is entering its third and final season of the series and will be titled "Spartacus War of the Damned"




Here is a very fun interview of the very cool Spartacus series star Cynthia Addai-Robinson who plays Naevia in the third and final season of the series and will be titled "Spartacus War of the Damned"




Here is a very fun interview of Liam McIntyre who plays the title rôle in the Spartacus series which is entering its third and final season of the series and will be titled "Spartacus War of the Damned"


For more Spartacus Season 3 News go to the AUSXIP Spartacus Season 3 page



17 July 2012

Spartacus at Comic Con Multimedia Roundup 17 July 2012

Here is a list of photos, press and videos that were originally posted on @ausxip twitter about the Spartacus Cast San Diego Comic Con









17 July 2012

Spartacus Cast at Spartacus Booth Photos


Lori sent in photos from San Diego Comic Con of the Sparty cast at the booth!

Viva, Liam, Nick, Katrina, Cynthia, Steven and the very silent standee of Lucretia (Lucy did not attend but Lucretia's presence was felt).

Click here to view images



17 July 2012

Michael Hurst Directs Spartacus War of the Damned

Here's the latest info from Michael Hurst's Official site. Michael has directed episodes of Spartacus in previous seasons and now in War of the Damned which is the final season of the show.

Late May-June 2012: Spartacus: War of the Damned

Michael directed episode 3.4 and will direct episode ep. 3.9 later in the year. It will premiere on Starz in the U.S. in late January 2013.


For more Spartacus War of the Damned News check out the AUSXIP Spartacus War of the Damned page



15 July 2012

Spartacus at Comic Con Press, Photos & Video Roundup

Here's the latest links to photos and video from overnight of the Spartacus cast at Comic Con.  AUSXIP Reporter Klippart was on duty collecting all the photo links and video. Follow @ausxip on twitter for all the news on the Spartacus Cast at Comic Con!


COMBINED CAST PHOTOS (Lucy, Manu, Cynthia, Peter, Liam, Viva, Katrina, Nick)







  • @ausxip: 'Spartacus' At Comic-Con: Cast And Creator Talk Final Season, 'War Of The Damned' http://huff.to/NntZgY #spartacusCC
  • @ausxip: COMIC-CON 2012: Friday Panels Liveblog Archive includes @RealLucyLawless on Powerful Women in Pop Culture panel http://bit.ly/Nzj7r8
  • @lucylawlessnet: Powerful Women Fight Back at Comic-Con | NBC 7 San Diego http://bit.ly/NntG5C @RealLucyLawless #sdcc



The Hollywood Reporter interviews Lucy, Liam, Manu, Cynthia and Steven



14 July 2012

EW Interviews Lucy Lawless and Spartacus Cast 13 July 2012

EW Interviewed Lucy and Spartacus Cast. This interview was supposed to be streamed live but it never was shown.
It's a little difficult to find.

1. Select Replay: TV Cast Interviews
2. Select Spartacus: Cast Interview from the list of interviews on the right


Catch up with the latest news of Lucy at Comic Con on the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Comic Con Event Page

For more Lucy Lawless at various events, please see the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Event section



14 July 2012

Spartacus Comic Con Panel Photos

AUSXIP Assistant Editor Lori Boyles attended the Spartacus Comic Con panel and here are her photos!

There are 124 photos in the set!




14 July 2012

Spartacus Comic Con Cast Interviews

Here's the start of a long list of Spartacus Comic Con Interviews. This page will be updated as the new interviews are uploaded.


Cast Interviews

Liam Interview

Steven Interview



14 July 2012

Spartacus Season 3 Promo Images and Trailer

Here are some new promo images and trailer for Season 3 that were released during Comic Con.








14 July 2012

TV|Line Interviews Spartacus Cast Including Lucy at Comic Con

Michael Ausiello (TVLine.com) chats with Liam McIntyre, Lucy Lawless and the cast of "Spartacus Vengeance" to get the scoop on the final season. Liam talks about getting his "hands dirty" and the epic big bang ending the creators have in store for fans. The cast talks about the documentary "Be Here Now" about Andy Whitfield former Spartacus cast-member who passed away after a long battle with cancer.



13 July 2012

Spartacus Comic Con Photos: Spartacus Booth

AUSXIP Assistant Editor Lori Boyles is reporting from Comic Con. Here are the photos from the Spartacus Comic Con Booth



Click here to view



12 July 2012

Press Release: Spartacus Video Game Legends

Spartacus® Legends - Inspired by Smash STARZ TV Show - Battles onto Your Favourite Console
Enter the Arena and Forge Your Destiny Early 2013
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA -- July 12, 2012 -- Today, Ubisoft® announced the upcoming release of Spartacus® Legends, a fighting game that will immerse users in the visceral world created by the popular Spartacus original series produced and distributed by Starz Entertainment. Spartacus Legends is a unique gaming experience based on popular characters from the international hit series.
Spartacus Legends comes early 2013. Gamers will experience primeval gladiator moments, from training inside the ludus to brutal battles in the arena, all while striving to become a legend.
Featuring thousands of ruthless weapon combinations and a robust skill system, Spartacus Legends delivers a variety of tools for gamers to customise their gladiators and dismember their foes. Gamers will be able to fight as Spartacus, Crixus or one of their own created gladiators as they battle with friends offline or in online multiplayer to join the ranks on the worldwide leaderboards.
Liam McIntyre has been very involved with the Spartacus Legends team. In addition to allowing his likeness and voice to be featured, Liam, a big gamer himself, played early builds of the game and provided his creative feedback throughout the development process.
The Spartacus franchise (Gods of the Arena, Blood and Sand and Vengeance) airs in more than 150 countries and has been translated into 15 languages. In the United States, viewership for the show has grown with each season and is one of the highest rated cable series, with more than six million viewers watching each episode.
In the upcoming final season, Spartacus: War of the Damned, sees the return of Liam McIntyre (Spartacus), Manu Bennett (Crixus), Dustin Clare (Gannicus), Dan Feuerriegel (Agron), Cynthia Addai-Robinson (Naevia) and Ellen Hollman (Saxa). They are joined by Todd Lasance in the role of Gaius Julius Caesar, along with Simon Merrells as Marcus Crassus. Spartacus is produced by Rob Tapert, Sam Raimi, Joshua Donen and Steven S. DeKnight.
Comic-Con International: San Diego attendees will be the first to test their skills in the arena of Spartacus Legends at Comic-Con 2012 from Thursday, July 12 through Sunday, July 15 at the Starz Media booth.
For more information on Spartacus Legends, please visit: www.starz.com/spartacuslegends
About Ubisoft
Ubisoft is a leading producer, publisher, and distributor of interactive entertainment products worldwide and has grown considerably through a strong and diversified lineup of products and partnerships. Ubisoft has offices in 26 countries and has sales in more than 55 countries around the globe. It is committed to delivering high-quality, cutting-edge video game titles to consumers. For the 2011-12 fiscal year Ubisoft generated sales of 1.061 billion euros. To learn more, please visit www.ubisoftgroup.com.
SPARTACUS: TM & © Starz Entertainment, LLC. All Rights Reserved. STARZ and related service marks are the property of Starz Entertainment, LLC. Game Software © 2012 Ubisoft Entertainment. All Rights Reserved. Ubisoft and the Ubisoft logo are trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in the US and/or other countries




12 July 2012

High Resolution War of the Damned Promo Posters

Just received from Starz the new high resolution posters for War of the Damned! They look spectacular. Click on the thumbnails for the larger versions.





10 July 2012

Spartacus Stars at 2012 Comic Con - Updated

Comic Con is fast approaching and once again Assistant Editor Lori is off to San Diego to merge with the thousands of fans who will be attending this fantastic event.

Here's the list of stars attending this year that have been announced:

Lucy is headed for Comic Con!

News just announced via Lucy's official site is that Lucy will be going to Comic Con in San Diego 13 July in addition to appearing on the TV Show "The Soup" on 11 July.

No confirmation as to whether she will appear on the Spartacus panel but it would be a good guess she will be.

Image634774965606406250Friday 13 July 2012

Liam, Steven, Manu at Spartacus Panel

Spartacus (Starz): Stars Liam McIntyre and Manu Bennett will join showrunner Steven S. DeKnight for its final trip to Comic-Con heading into its last season. Room 6BCF, 5:45 p.m.-6:45 p.m.





Liam at TV Guide Favorites panel
Saturday, 14 July 2012

Liam will have one more panel at this year's Comic Con. It's the TV Guide Fan Favourites and it will be on 14 July between 1-2 pm.





Jaime Murray at Syfy's Defiance panel

Friday, 13 July 2012

Image634774968858906250DEFIANCE 6:45PM - 7:45PM    ROOM 6DE

Syfy and Trion unite television and gaming with Defiance, the biggest entertainment event of 2013 which defies everything we know about traditional storytelling. Panelists to include stars Grant Bowler (Nolan), Julie Benz (Amanda Rosewater), Stephanie Leonidas (Irisa), Tony Curran (Datak Tarr), Jaime Murray (Stahma Tarr), Mia Kirshner (Kenya), Executive Producer Kevin Murphy, Nick Beliaeff (SVP, Development, Trion Worlds), Rob Hill (Senior Producer, Trion Worlds) and Mark Stern (President, Syfy Original Content & Co-Head of Content, Universal Cable Productions). Moderated by Los Angeles Times/Hero Complex writer Geoff Boucher.



10 July 2012

Spartacus War of the Damned EW 13 July 2012

EW Magazine has a look at the final season of Spartacus - July 13, 2012 Issue.

Scanned by Roger.




6 July 2012

Spartacus War of the Damned Behind The Scenes Video

Image634771555568896484"Spartacus: War of the Damned" sees the return on Liam McIntyre (Spartacus) and the aftermath of the defeat of Roman commander Gaius Claudius Glaber.

Interviews with the cast and Rob Tapert.


Click here to view



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