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        17 October 2012

Manu in Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Foundation Fundraiser!


Manu is paddling for Breast Cancer Research - check it out below and if you can help, please do.

Thanks for Supporting such a Great Cause!
16 Oct 12 14:31 PM
posted by Manu Bennett

Hi to my friends, family & fans of Spartacus. I have formed a team to take part in a Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Foundation fund raiser so need ANYONE & EVERYONES help. This is a great cause to help cure cancer & by making any donation you see fit I will promise to reply to your generosity. Our team, The Eleventh Waka (canoe) will be involved in a water relay using Stand Up Paddle Boards. I know how to do this but my other three team mates, Dawes, Shaun & Gareth have no idea :-) so we are not planning on winning this race. FYI our name is a parody on the ten canoes that made the original voyage that bought Maori to New Zealand. So we are expecting to come in last. But this fund raiser is a FUN event, so we will paddle with high spirits & low expectations. Pictures will be posted to all who donate!!! Do it for the girls. Do it to help prevent breast cancer! We're all wearing pink & it's going to be a blast!!!


ImageStarboard Paddle for Hope 2012 for The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation

The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation is the country's foremost breast cancer education and awareness organisation.

It is a non-government funded charitable trust promoting awareness of breast cancer, providing information and education, and raising funds to support breast cancer related initiatives including research, scholarships, medical grants, community education and a breast cancer patient register.

The Foundation was specifically established to educate all New Zealanders on the life-saving benefits of early detection and the importance of mammograms.

Charity Registration Number CC30021.