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On the heels of the bloody escape from the House of Batiatus that concluded “Spartacus: Blood and Sand,” the gladiator rebellion continues and begins to strike fear into the heart of the Roman Republic in “Spartacus: Vengeance.” Gaius Claudius Glaber and his Roman troops are sent to Capua to crush the growing band of freed slaves that Spartacus leads before it can inflict further damage. Spartacus is presented the choice of satisfying his personal need for vengeance against the man that condemned his wife to slavery and eventual death, or making the larger sacrifices necessary to keep his budding army from breaking apart. Containing all of the blood-soaked action, exotic sexuality, and villainy and heroism that has come to distinguish the series, the tale of Spartacus resumes in epic fashion.






Lucy Lawless   Role: Lucretia   Viva Bianca   Role: Ilithyia


Lucretia is the Roman widow found alive in her ruined villa, having survived the bloody gladiator revolt that took the life of her husband, the gladiator owner Batiatus. The traumatic devastation that was visited upon her has upended her world and her mind struggles to adjust to a new reality. Where once she and her husband maneuvered to ascend the social ranks of the Roman hierarchy, Lucretia is now left alone to hang on and merely survive.



Ilithyia is the alluring and cunning wife of Glaber. Wanting nothing more than a life of comfort and upward mobility in Rome, she is dismayed to be bound to her husband’s unfortunate burden of extinguishing the rebellion in Capua. Returning to the city where she witnessed, and caused, so much bloody intrigue threatens to destroy the standing she has long thought rightfully hers.

Craig Parker   Role: Gaius Claudius Glaber   Kevin J. Wilson   Role: Senator Albinius


Gaius Claudius Glaber is the Roman commander who condemned Spartacus and his wife to slavery. Now holding the high rank of praetor within the senate, Glaber must hunt down his former prisoner to put an end to the budding rebellion, to defuse the threat to the Republic and fend off the political rivals that stand to outmaneuver him. It’s an objective he’d rather not leave Rome to carry out but if he can successfully put his capacity for ruthlessness and hatred for Spartacus to work he might win the glory and fame he’s always craved.


  Senator Albinius is Ilithyia's father
Nick Tarabay   Role: Ashur   Brett Tucker   Role: Varinius

  With his master Batiatus dead, the ever devious Ashur seeks a powerful new patron who will appreciate his cunning gifts. He offers the experience gained from his years among the gladiators before they escaped from the House of Batiatus, which makes him an essential link between the mutinous Spartacus and the powerful Romans who seek his destruction. Beholden only to his own desire for enrichment and power, Ashur reveals a new layer of treachery that any who cross him will have to contend with.       Varinius is the other high ranking praetor in the Roman Senate whose power and influence rivals Glaber’s own. Varinius uses the disruption caused by Spartacus’ forces in Capua to attempt to outmaneuver Glaber and win the favor of the Republic. He understands all too well the threat that Spartacus represents and the glory that will come to the man who defeats him.

Tom Hobbs   Role: Seppius   Hanna Mangan   Role: Seppia


Seppius is a young, headstrong Roman who leads his own band of mercenaries in the hunt to destroy Spartacus and his fledgling army. Seppius stubbornly refuses to cooperate with Glaber upon his arrival in Capua, establishing a tense competition to secure the honor that will come to the man who finds Spartacus first. Though severe in method and ruthless in character, Seppius will find that it is no small task to spurn the power of Rome.



Seppia is the fetching younger sister of Seppius who longs to ply her flirtatious charms on the elite Roman men that have come to Capua to pursue Spartacus. Her apparent carefree attitude sets her apart from her dour, disapproving brother but she shares with him a stubborn desire to have her way. Seppia will find, however, that she may lack the experience needed in matters of power and persuasion to satisfy her desires in the midst of the bloody affairs playing out in Capua.

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Liam McIntrye   Role: Spartacus II    Dustin Clare   Role: Gannicus


From his distant days as a Thracian warrior fighting for Rome to his time as the slave who became the champion gladiator of Capua, Spartacus is now the unlikely but fated leader of one of history’s first revolts for freedom. With his nemesis Gaius Claudius Glaber dispatched from Rome to hunt him down, Spartacus fights to keep the bonds of his fractured band of former gladiators and slaves from fraying. To do this, he must strike a balance between the rigorous sacrifices required of a leader of a just cause and his personal thirst for bloody vengeance against the Romans who robbed him of his former life...


  Gannicus is the former champion of Capua in the time before Spartacus, whose freedom was earned not by rebellion but by victory in the arena. Though free, he has been shorn of the gladiatorial glory that was once his and is now a rogue wanderer haunted by the guilt he feels for betraying his best friend Oenomaus and the death of Melitta. Gannicus seeks to atone for his mistakes but betrayals are not easily forgiven in the midst of rebellion and vengeance.

Manu Bennett   Role: Crixus   Peter Mensah   Role: Onomeaus


Crixus is the former champion gladiator deposed by Spartacus who at a crucial moment came to his rival’s aid and facilitated the escape from Batiatus’s ludus. Crixus is looked up to by his fellow Gauls and is thus a crucial figure in Spartacus’ attempts to hold together the ethnically diverse group of rebels he commands. But Crixus burns for no higher cause than finding his lost love Naevia. If he can’t find and save the woman that was taken from him he’ll lose his reason for living and the rebellion will lose one of its fiercest fighters.



The man once known as Doctore and proud of the mantle, Oenomaus is no longer a trainer of gladiators but a man now searching for his place in the world. Bereft of a wife and an occupation, he finds himself caught in the middle between his former loyalties to the Roman way of things and the rebellion against that way by the men he used to command. Oenomaus is a man with nothing left to lose whose ferocious talent for fighting and teaching could potentially be a powerful gain for Spartacus’ cause.


Katrina Law   Role: Mira Cynthia Addai-Robinson   Role: Naevia II

  Mira is a freed slave who played a vital part in helping Spartacus plot and execute the escape from Batiatus’ ludus and thus helped to trigger the uprising that now grows in strength. Mira is profoundly dedicated to Spartacus and the larger cause that inflames them both, proving herself a fierce champion for freedom and justice for those they fight alongside and those yet to be liberated. She is deeply devoted to the cause, and even more so to Spartacus himself.

  Naevia is the former body slave to Lucretia who was banished from the ludus for engaging in a love affair with Crixus. She represents all that Crixus still lives for, driving him to fight alongside Spartacus in mutiny against Rome in the hopes of one day finding her. Crixus longs to see her still alive, to rescue her from exile and be reunited in love and freedom.

Daniel Feuerriegel   Role: Agron Ellen Holman   Role Saxa
  A fierce warrior trained in the deadly arts of a gladiator. His loyalty to Spartacus and the
rebellion is driven by his own need for vengeance for the death that befell his brother in the escape from Batiatus’ ludus. His volatility and quick temper stokes the antagonism that already exists between himself and Crixus.
    A new character. A strong female warrior
(we need more of those please, Starz. Thank you)

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