(Raycho Vasilev)


A large gladiator with more brawn than brains. He waited five years to fight Crixus in the higher level fights only to have his place taken by Spartacus.

(Eka Darville)
  Young, quiet and shy, Pietros is a slave who attends to the gladiators’ equipment. He is also Barca’s lover, sharing with him a longing for freedom.
(Karl Drinkwater)

  A recruit who survived initiation with Spartacus and Varro. He holds a grudge against Spartacus for brutally attacking him in an early training session.  


(Craig Walsh-Wrightson)


The owner of a rival Ludus, Solonius is a constant thorn in Batiatus’ side. When Spartacus makes a mockery of Solonius’ gladiators in the arena, the stakes between the two Ludus owners are raised and the consequences turn bloody. Like a competing mob boss, Solonius attempts to one up Batiatus at every turn, pulling strings and maneuvering the nobility of Capua to favor his own gladiators for their games.

  Senator Albinius (Kevin J. Wilson)


A high ranking member of the senate, he throws gladiator games to honor his family name. Though indulgent of his daughter Ilithyia, he is disappointed by the exploits of her husband Claudius Glaber.


(Matt Chamberlain)

A grain merchant to whom Batiatus owes money.

(John Bach)

   – A local official who holds gladiator games to appease the gods and end the drought. When he chooses gladiators from the rival schools, he pits Batiatus and Solonius against each other, with the victor earning the favor of Capua.
(Kyle Rowling)

  A beast of a man who drinks, curses and fights with equal vigor. He and Spartacus form a grudging bond while serving together in the Roman Auxiliary. Sentenced to death in the gladiator arena with his enemy-turned-friend, he dies shortly before Spartacus enters the ring.   Byzo
(John Rawls)

  A Thracian soldier, named “The Goat” after his appearance and odor, he shares Drenis’ fate in the gladiator arena.