Canterbury Relief Games / Rise Up Christchurch
22 May 2011

Spartacus Vs Shortland Street

Spartacus Team: Katrina Law, Dan Feuerriegel, Manu Bennett, Jessie King,
Toya Polkinghome (Art Dept) Vanessa Cater and Levi

Photos by Jo Photos by Katrina Law Watch Videos

Our Spartacus cast were out to support Rise Up Christchurch by taking part in the Canterbury Relief Games in Auckland. There was drama aplenty between Spartacus and Shortland Street. First race Shortland Street won…by cheating. The race was disputed on video evidence and run again with Spartacus coming out the victors.
Shortland Street didn’t do enough burpees in the first race!  So the poor guys and gals had to re-run the race..that tyre looked heavy!

Jo was the AUSXIP Reporter on duty and she took some amazing photos and additional video + some great photos by Katrina!. Thanks to the Sparty cast for being such a generous bunch AND doing the race twice!


(C) 2011 Jo / AUSXIP.COM



and my personal favourite...half the cast inspecting the inside of the large tyre!