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» Character Images » Season 02
           Spartacus and Mira   [1 picture]
           Spartacus   [7 pictures]
           Seppius and Seppia   [1 picture]
           Seppia   [1 picture]
           Posters and Wallpapers   [4 pictures]
           Onomaeous   [4 pictures]
           Naevia   [3 pictures]
           Mira and Naevia   [1 picture]
           Mira   [6 pictures]
           Lucretia   [10 pictures]
           Ilithyia and Lucretia   [1 picture]
           Ilithyia   [2 pictures]
           Glaber and Ilithyia   [2 pictures]
           Glaber   [1 picture]
           Gannicus   [3 pictures]
           Crixus and Naevia   [1 picture]
           Crixus   [6 pictures]
           Ashur   [4 pictures]
           Agron   [1 picture]

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