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14 April 2010

Spartacus Mini-Series Rumours Continue


The Chicago Tribune has an interesting article. It goes on to repeat the rumour from the NY Mag's Vulture Blog about a possible mini series to fill the gap left by the delayed Season 2. So far we haven't heard anything about a mini series from any official sources. Just speculation and alot of hope.

The Chicago Tribune has this interesting bit that doesn't really say yes or no to the mini series but it does give you a little hope:

Starz is considering a "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" prequel miniseries in order to have something "to fill their January hole."

A source close to the show who asked not to be identified said that a possible prequel miniseries was just one of "multiple scenarios" that are being considered. The prequel miniseries "may happen and may not," the source said. Nothing has been decided, the source noted.

That's not much to go on. It's an interesting rumour and for the moment, it remains a rumour.

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12 April 2010

Spartacus The Mini Series?

ImageCould we have a Spartacus Mini-Series in the works while we are waiting for Season 2? It seems there is a rumour floating about that this is true. Interesting. Barbara Davies sent in the following information from the NY Magazine site that has the following rumour:

PostVulture Exclusive: Starz Developing a Spartacus: Blood and Sand Prequel

Vulture has learned that Starz is developing a six-episode miniseries prequel to its freshman hit, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, in order to keep the series' momentum after its star, Andy Whitfield, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma a month ago and production on a second season was indefinitely postponed. The series (the finale of which airs next week) has been Starz's first original-series hit, averaging a million episodes each week; the network green-lighted season 2 a month before it even premiered, but now, with Whitfield in treatment, Starz finds itself with empty sets, actors, producers, and writers very expensively standing by.

A prequel (Gladiator Babies, perhaps?) would keep the sets and creative staff productive, while holding on to the original show's fans. Network execs are now in Cannes at the annual MIP TV international programming marketplace, looking at other options, but this spin-off is looking like a tempting bet to fill their January hole. More as this story develops.




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