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        8 January 2011

NEWSFLASH! Spartacus Season 2 Lives! & TCA Spartacus Live Tweeting

At long last we are finally getting some great news! Season 2 WILL happen. EW reports that Starz is set to announce this at the TCA Spartacus panel (3 pm LA time).

EW says that "Sources close to the production say Spartacus season two will start shooting this spring, with an eye toward a 2012 premiere"

We still don't know WHO the new Spartacus is (Ausiello reported a few days ago that Liam McIntyre is back in the running for the role). I guess we will find that out soon (hopefully very soon).

Over at Twitter, @spartacus_starz is all set to tweet live from the TCA Spartacus Panel. You can follow them on twitter and I'll be posting their tweets as they become available.

Read more of the EW article here

AUSXIP Reporter: Lori Boyles / MaryD