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        3 June 2010

John Hannah Video #3 & Transcript


Bravo has 4 exclusive interviews with John Hannah . Unfortunately they are exclusive to UK visitors. Barbara Davies who lives in the UK was kind enough to transcribe the interviews.

John Hannah Interview Transcript #3
Transcribed by Barbara Davies

John on the meaning of bravery, family life, and how big his sandals

John: "Excuse me? How big are my sandals? Er. They're a pair of sandals.
They're a size 9 UK size. I had a little platform on them. To make up
for the shortness in my psyche. And to be make me about as tall as Lucy
so she wasn't always looking down on me when we were close up.
Metaphorically, they were pretty bloody big sandals by the end of that

"Eight months we were filming there. In fact the boys, the younger
boys, the ones with the bodies, were there for an extra month. Because
they were working out. They were getting into shape. They were learning
some of the tools that they might be using... the short sword, how it's
held; the tridents, the whips, things like that. You know, that takes
work, it's not something you learn at drama school. So those kids were
working out. Getting fit. Because of course they don't just look fit,
they are fit. These guys were like athletes. Having to do the same shot,
the same stunt, the same leap, the same fight sequence again, and again, and again from a different angle and different position. Recreating that in a way that will match. Those guys were super, super fit.

"Well, when I'm not, like, in charge of the guys, and despatching life
and death to whomever it might be that require deadness, I'm basically
trying to wrangle the kids. Get them bathed, get them fed, get them to
school, get them to do whatever it is that they're meant to do: their
homework, pay attention, get their own place so they don't end up with
me. Er. Yeah, I basically sort of get on with life, really. I do that,
sort of get sort of ignored at home. Nobody listens to me. I try not to
lose my temper. Try to get old in a graceful way. Well, fairly. But
there you go.

"There are many things that are brave in life. You can be brave
getting engaged. Again. Er. Married. Again. That's just crazy! Erm. But
for me bravery really is marked out by your ability to age in a way
without bitterness or rancour, without regrets, and while trying to hold
on to the wisdom that actually might be yours if you've been paying
attention. Which obviously I wasn't, but... I think that's pretty brave.
You know as you start to get older, and as you start to get like sore
backs, and your eyes go, and your legs go... You think about old people,
and they don't walk like that for fun, you know, they walk like that
because it's hard. And it's not that they just love that old coat, it's
like really freezing, even in the Summer. So I think that's brave. I
think getting old's brave."

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Transcribed by: Barbara Davies