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        15 October 2010

Wentworth Miller Eyeing Spartacus? Yes, No, Maybe?

ImageAusiello has this article that suggests that Wentworth Miller (have no clue who this guy is as I didn't watch Prison Break) has expressed the desire to be Spartacus.

Hmmm. A comment or two on this idea:

Cute face but too young for Sparty? After I have been advised look at more pics other than the one Ausiello used (see left), I let google be my friend..hmm. Still too young looking and pretty. The role needs a manly man look (and a little prettiness). Andy is roughly the same age as Wentworth but there is a roughness / manly look about Andy which I really like.

It's not just looks that will determine the next's also his talent. Since I haven't seen any of Wentworth's work; can't really comment on that particular criteria. I've read he is pretty good. It's going to take one hell of an actor to fill this role. Is it Wentworth? I guess we will find out in the months ahead.

I'm quite sure no actor will be good enough for fans but someone has to and they will.

The search continues