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25 October 2012

Press Release: Spartacus wraps up after four years

PRESS RELEASE: Issued Thursday, 25 October, 2012 - 07:53
New Zealand

The US television series, shot in Mt Wellington, Auckland, New Zealand since 2009, premiered to record breaking numbers on Starz Network (US) in January 2010, and has aired in Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Poland, Hungary, Brazil, Ireland, Turkey, Italy, India, Pakistan, Slovenia, Australia and New Zealand.

Produced in New Zealand by Executive Producer and creative force Rob Tapert and Producer Chloe Smith for Pacific Renaissance on behalf of Starz Entertainment, the production was made with the assistance of the New Zealand Government's Large Budget Screen Production Grant and generated more than NZD$200million of spend into the New Zealand economy. Tapert and Smith have previously worked together on many off shore funded and New Zealand based productions, including Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Legend of the Seeker, 30 Days of Night and Xena: Warrior Princess.

Of the production, and filming in New Zealand, Tapert said "Shooting Spartacus in Auckland for the last four years only reconfirms my belief that New Zealand is a world class leader for film and TV production. Although the series has wrapped, I look forward to a future of making more productions here and continuing to be a part of the New Zealand film community. I also want to thank the thousands of Kiwis who worked on Spartacus - our cast, crew, extras, equipment suppliers, facilities - everyone ... it was through their efforts that the programme was an international success."

New Zealand Film Commission CEO, Graeme Mason, added "Spartacus was a key contributor to the NZD$3 billion generated by the film, screen and digital sector last year. The production engaged 315 permanent and 150 casual crew per week, 5000 extras days per season and 20 key cast roles per season plus ran a vendor list of 788 suppliers and six commercially leased buildings in the last season. The series has provided up-skilling opportunities and internships for New Zealanders who engage in our screen production industry."

The fourth and final season of the series, Spartacus - War of the Damned, will air in the US commencing 25 January 2013. War of the Damned concludes the story of Spartacus that began in 2009 with Blood and Sand and ran through two additional seasons, Gods of the Arena (a six episode prequel) and Vengeance. All told a run of four years and 39 hour long on-air episodes.



23 October 2012

Spartacus Game Posters and Display at Game Convention October 2012

Andrea attended a Game Convention from 18-21 October in Essen, Germany. One of the largest (board) game conventions in the world.

And the Spartacus game was presented as well. They had some posters and a huge display with lots of photos.








17 October 2012

Special Message from Liam From Spartacus Set

Here's a special message from Liam from the set of Spartacus War of the Damned



17 October 2012

Manu in Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Foundation Fundraiser!


Manu is paddling for Breast Cancer Research - check it out below and if you can help, please do.

Thanks for Supporting such a Great Cause!
16 Oct 12 14:31 PM
posted by Manu Bennett

Hi to my friends, family & fans of Spartacus. I have formed a team to take part in a Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Foundation fund raiser so need ANYONE & EVERYONES help. This is a great cause to help cure cancer & by making any donation you see fit I will promise to reply to your generosity. Our team, The Eleventh Waka (canoe) will be involved in a water relay using Stand Up Paddle Boards. I know how to do this but my other three team mates, Dawes, Shaun & Gareth have no idea :-) so we are not planning on winning this race. FYI our name is a parody on the ten canoes that made the original voyage that bought Maori to New Zealand. So we are expecting to come in last. But this fund raiser is a FUN event, so we will paddle with high spirits & low expectations. Pictures will be posted to all who donate!!! Do it for the girls. Do it to help prevent breast cancer! We're all wearing pink & it's going to be a blast!!!


ImageStarboard Paddle for Hope 2012 for The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation

The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation is the country's foremost breast cancer education and awareness organisation.

It is a non-government funded charitable trust promoting awareness of breast cancer, providing information and education, and raising funds to support breast cancer related initiatives including research, scholarships, medical grants, community education and a breast cancer patient register.

The Foundation was specifically established to educate all New Zealanders on the life-saving benefits of early detection and the importance of mammograms.

Charity Registration Number CC30021.



17 October 2012

A Special Event In Honour of Andy Whitfield In Italy Tomorrow

I received the following note from Barbara Bruno in Italy that will be of interest to our Italian readers

ImageI wanted to let you know that tomorrow at Santa Maria Capua Vetere (Italy, which was Capua in ancient times) there is a special event in honor of Andy Whitfield.

The name of the event is: The courage of Spartacus. It's organised by Marina Bonifacio, a journalist and they are going to do things in honor of Andy like showing some Spartacus Blood and Sand episodes, gladiator fights representation and lots of other stuff.

You can see that here:

This is the person organising the event

Fans are talking about it on Facebook as well at the Official Andy Whitfield Fanpage



4 October 2012

IGN Interviews Lucy Lawless on the set of Parks and Recreation

ImageParks and Recreation: Lucy Lawless Talks About Romancing Ron Swanson
The actress talks about her new stint in Pawnee and gives her thoughts on Spartacus ending.

Here at IGN TV, we were psyched to hear that Lucy Lawless would be appearing on Parks and Recreation this season, in a recurring role as a new love interest for none other than Ron Swanson, played by Nick Offerman. And when I spoke to Lawless on the set of the series recently, where she was filming her second episode, she quickly made it clear she shared that excitement. Even before we began our interview, she was telling me just how great a set it was and how happy she was to be working on such a funny show.

Sitting on the recently built Washington, D.C. sets (for Ben and April's new jobs this season), we went on to discuss what makes her character, Diane -- who makes her debut this week -- the kind of woman Ron would be interested in, why Parks and Rec is so great and a bit about the end of Spartacus.

Click here to read the interview

Check out the latest on Lucy's role as Diane on Parks and Recreation on the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Parks and Recreation subsite



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