Lucy Lawless   Role: Lucretia   Andy Whitfield   Role: Spartacus,

Batiatus’ equal in every way, she sees every angle and manages situations with a steel grip inside a kid glove. Sexually passionate and longing for a child, she takes Crixus for her lover. She sees Spartacus as a wild animal who cost too much and will bring misfortune upon the Ludus.



A Thracian Soldier in the Roman Auxiliary who was taken prisoner. As punishment for defying Legate Claudius Glaber he was sentenced to die in the gladiator arena. Against all odds, he survived killing four gladiators. His sentence was communted to slavery and he was bought by Batiatus to be trained as a gladiator in the Ludus.


John Hannah   Role: Batiatus   Peter Mensah   Role: Doctore

The owner of the Ludus, he has fallen upon hard times financially. He bought Spartacus hoping to achieve greatness once again. In his wife Lucretia, he has found a true partner both emotionally and physically. They share a passionate marriage and desire for social advancement. There is very little Batiatus can or will deny her.


Having been raised at the Ludus, he is Batiatus’ most loyal and trusted slave. Once a highly celebrated gladiator and the only person to survive the Shadow of Death, Doctore now teaches others to fight. He is a hard man who spares no excess emotion. His only concern is for the welfare of those he trains. He dislikes Spartacus because he believes him to be a danger to those around him.

Craig Parker   Role: Glaber   Antonio Te Maioha   Role: Barca

A Roman Legate who aims for great things, without the ability to achieve them. Though he loves his wife, he married her for the political advantage she provides. He blames Spartacus for his failed military campaign



A big, hulking brute of a man, he is more than just a successful gladiator, he is also Batiatus’ body guard and hit man. His harsh nature is off-set by the tenderness he shows for his collection of birds and his love for Pietros, a slave boy. After Spartacus survives the pits and saves Batiatus’ life, Barca gives him begrudging respect.

Manu Bennett   Role: Crixus   Erin Cummings   Role: Sura

Crixus is the top gladiator at Batiatus’ Ludus. He has a deep-seated dislike of Spartacus. Because of his status, he receives certain perks within the ludus including spending money and his own cell. He is also sleeping with Lucretia, his mistress. During the walks to and from her bedroom, Crixus enjoys stolen moments with Naevia, the slave girl with whom he shares a forbidden love.

    Spartacus’ wife and a Thracian priestess who foretells his life will bring great and unfortunate things. She is captured at the same time as Spartacus, but while he goes to Capua, she is raped by soldiers and sold into slavery with a Syrian

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Viva Bianca   Role: Ilithya   Jai Courtney   Role: Varro

The spoiled, selfish daughter of Senator Albinius, she is also the wife of Claudius Glaber. Young and impressionable, she finds herself alone and bored in Capua. Seeing potential advancement for herself and Batiatus, Lucretia takes Ilithyia under her wing, determined to introduce her to all the sensual pleasures of the ludus


A free man, he sold himself into Batiatus’ Ludus to pay off his gambling debts and provide for his wife and child. A good fighter who follows orders, he is accepted easily by the other gladiators. Despite his success, he has a certain awe for Spartacus because he defeated four gladiators in the arena. He is Spartacus’s only friend in the Ludus.

 Nick E Tarabay   Role: Asher    Lesley-Ann Brandt   Role: Naevia
     A former gladiator who now walks with a limp, he is the resident bookie. He takes odd on everything from who will survive initiation to who Batiatus should back in the pit fights. He is the man within the Ludus who can get something for everyone, but he is also the least liked or trusted

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  Lucretia’s body slave, never far from her mistress, always ready to attend to any order. Her secret love affair with Crixus is a dangerous betrayal of her mistress, but she is unable to resist the one pleasure her life of enslavement offers. 

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Katrina Law   Role: Mira    
  Mira, a slave at the Ludus owned by Batiatus and Lucretia

First episode: Season 1