2010 Monte-Carlo Television Festival
9-10 June 2010

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Lucy and Peter attended this event to promote Spartacus. Three cast members were nominated for awards: Lucy (Best Actress)  Andy and John (Best Actor)


Full Report of The Monte Carlo TV Festival: Meeting Lucy and Peter.
Part 1: 9th of June

By Barbara Bruno

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I promised I was doing a full report of my experience in Monte Carlo and here it is.
I arrived at Monte Carlo the 9th of June, at 10,45 in the morning. I went straight to the hotel to put my luggage there, and then I took a taxi for the Grimaldi Forum. I went inside the Forum, and straight to the reception to get my invitations for Legend of The Seeker screening and the Award Ceremony.

I got my envelope and then I waited inside till I got told I could not stay without a badge, which was only for journalists and special people. So I went out and I stayed where the other people were, next the red carpet, behind the gates.

The was someone from Lost who came, Dana Delaney from Desperate Housewives, and many other stars, but no Lucy. I waited all day there for her, but no sign. Finally I saw a flier where there were featured Lucy and Peter for an interview that night at 8:30 to promote Spartacus for Orange Cinema Series.

The funny thing was that it was the same time of the Legend of the Seeker Screening, so I had to take a decision, finally I decided to stay and wait for Lucy. There was a guy next to me that asked me if I could make a picture with him and Simon Baker (from the Mentalist) and I said yes, so every time a black car was coming he was giving me his camera.

So a car arrived, and he gave me his camera to shoot a picture, but it wasn't Simon, it was Lucy. Very fast I had to take my camera, actually the guy next to me took it from, and he tried his best to shoot a picture of Lucy, but it was too late, and the only two pictures he could make were from the back well better than nothing). I waited there for a while but something told me that I had to go to the other side to see her.

I took my stuff and I went where the interview was supposed to be. Fortunately it was outside, and it was available for public viewing, so me and other people could stay there. I took my camera and I waited for Lucy. She was on the balcony with Peter, and in the mean time the two guys that were supposed to interview her were getting their make up on, and ready to start. The cameramen were there, and they launched the show.

The audio unfortunately was not available to us, but just to the cameramen. They interviewed someone else before Lucy, I can't recall the name, when this finished, finally Lucy and Peter came down from the balcony. As I said Lucy was wearing a red dress, a silver bag on the side very elegant) and shoes with high heels. She had her hair tied in a pony tail, and she looked beautiful.

As soon as they arrived, lots of fans were shouting to them. Both of them were very nice and came to each one of us, signing autographs and taking pictures with us.

Then it was time. Lucy and Peter got their make up done, and then they went to seat for the interview. I couldn't hear anything but I could see them, and I took some pictures. They are not perfect but this is what I could do.

When they finished the interview, Lucy came back to us and I asked her if I could make a picture with her, as I did not ask her before there was short time before the interview).

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I also told her I wanted to make pictures and send them to AUSXIP and MaryD, and she immediately said yes. She first took my hand in her hands closed together (very warm gesture of her), I gave the camera to a girl next to me, and I went next to Lucy who almost hugged me during the picture she is very gentle and warm, and I appreciated what she was doing for the fans).

The girl took the picture but the flash was on, and it came out blurry, unfortunately I got my sister to adjust it a bit), but I got that picture to her, and I am happy for that. Lucy went to sign autographs around, and having pictures with other fans. Then she left in a black car.

That evening I was so happy I could not sleep.

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