2010 Monte-Carlo Television Festival
9-10 June 2010

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Lucy and Peter attended this event to promote Spartacus. Three cast members were nominated for awards: Lucy (Best Actress)  Andy and John (Best Actor)


Full Report of The Monte Carlo TV Festival: Meeting Lucy and Peter.
Part 2: 10th of June

By Barbara Bruno

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Here is my second report:
I woke up at 7:30 am, I had my breakfast and at 9 am I was at the Grimaldi forum for another day the last one).

I went straight to the red carpet and I waited there. A girl a fan) told me that Lucy was scheduled to come that morning. Other stars arrived from Chuck, NCIS, The Mentalist (Simon Becker) and other I did not recognised.

There was a staff member there, and the other girl who was waiting for Lucy like me asked her if Lucy was coming. She said that Lucy was already in, she went inside, in the press conference room, where public is not allowed. I think that morning Lucy did her photoshoot with Peter for several photographic agencies Getty, Wire Image and so on). While I was waiting I saw Ariane Kranz, the girl who was supposed to interview Lucy that day.

Actually I met her the day before, and she told me she was going to interview her the next day. I asked her if she did the interview and she said yes, and it went well. So I went to the other side where interviews for the shows were going to happen) together with some Italian fans. While I was passing through I saw Lucy on the balcony, and she was getting interviewed.

She was wearing a green shirt I think it is the same she used in the Greenpeace promo), and during the interview, she took her sunglasses and she put them on. I took some pictures, the better I could, but then my camera betrayed me. The batteries were gone, and I had to go and buy more batteries. When I came back, Lucy was sitting for another interview at the same place she was for Orange Cinema the day before), this time for another channel. The interview was almost at the end and I could take few pictures only.

When she finished, people called her, but this time she could not stop, she had another radio interview in 4 minutes, but she told us she would be back. That did not happen. We asked a staff member and Lucy wasn't scheduled next Julie Benz was), so I went inside the forum.

I asked a staff member and she told me Lucy was very busy doing interviews and promotions for Spartacus Blood and Sand, and she was going to be busy the whole morning. At 2 pm I left to go to the hotel, and I went to rest as I was very tired.

At 4:30 pm, I got up, and I prepared myself for the Award Ceremony. I took a Taxi and at 5: 30 I was inside the forum, with my invitation. I waited till the doors opened, and I went inside with the others. I sit on my place, and on the screen they were showing all the Guests arriving. Finally there they were: Lucy and Peter. Lucy was wearing a white dress this time, and looking beautiful as ever. I took some pictures from the screen sorry if they are not that good) and then we waited.

Lucy came inside the hall with Peter, and she went down to take a seat. Actually she and Peter were standing for a while. After about 10 minutes, I saw Lucy with a person going away. She did not come back.

So the Ceremony started and they announced several category.

For the Best Comedic Series: Desperate Housewives won
For the Best Soap Opera: Bold and Beautiful
Best Drama Series: Dexter Julie Benz took the Price)
Best Outstanding Actress for Drama Series: Michelle Forbes.
There were other categories: news, documentaries, television Films, and so on.

I waited till the end, but unfortunately Lucy did not win anything.

When the Ceremony ended, I stayed next to the red Carpet and I saw many stars coming out. I saw Peter Mensah again, and I took another picture of him. Then I asked him what happened with Lucy and he told me she had to go away as there were urgent things she had to do.

So I did not meet Lucy this time, and I was a bit disappointed she did not win, and she had to go before the ceremony, but overall I was happy because the night before she was so generous and kind, with me and all the fans, and we could do pictures with her.
This is actually the second time I meet her, and I was not disappointed at all of meeting her. Lucy is a generous actress in every sense, she is beautiful inside and out, and she is very giving to her fans. I actually think she deserved that prize, but well, it goes how it goes.

Hope Lucy will have a chance to win something else. Overall it was a nice experience and I'll never forget it.
Thank you Lucy and Peter.


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