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29 August 2009

Spartacus Comic Book #2 With Lucretia Cover

The next issue of the Spartacus Blood and Sand Comic Series #2 is being advertised in the September 2009 Issue of Previews Magazine.

Andrea sent in the scan of the advert featuring Lucy as Lucretia. According to the advert, the cover may not be the final cover when the comic book is released.

Spartacus #2 [of 4]

Shadows of the Jackal

BEtween Spartacus and his freedom stand the gladiator Crixus, whose legend begins with his battle against the horrifying Gargan Twins. Feral, evil cannibals from birth, Decimus and Tiberius Gargan are finally captured and thrown in the arena, where they devour anything - and anyone - in their path. If Crixus can't stop them, there's no man alive who can!

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29 August 2009

New Video Promo - Gladiator Oath

Starz has released a new video promo featuring Andy and as a side note, I love the fact Andy is going to be using his normal accent (sounds more Aussie than Brit to my ears). That's pretty cool considering that Craig Horner had to ditch his accent for Legend of the Seeker and sound American.



29 August 2009

Casting News Katrina Law as Mira

amira.jpg On the 15th August, I posted rumours of another casting for Spartacus and that the role of Amira, a slave and a love interest for Spartacus circulated around based on some posted comments by Katrina's boyfriend. Those comments have now been deleted BUT Katrina's role on Spartacus has been confirmed.

The name of the character has changed from Amira to Mira and the news was posted on the Official Spartacus Forum by the  Forum Admin:

It's great that so many people have speculated on this. I think I can help set the record straight.

Mira (formally known as Amira) is a slave played by Katrina Law. As far as her relationship with Spartacus - no comment, no spoilers. To my knowledge, the production is running episode by episode and there are 13 in this season. We will keep posting to our Twitter feed:



26 August 2009

Spartacus Comic #1 of 4 First Look

Newsarama has the first look of the new Spartacus Comic Series with previews of the first 8 page of the comic. Please be advised that this is EXTREMELY graphic in nature and only mature readers should view the images.

spartacus-comic1.jpgSpartacus: Blood and Sand #1 [of 4]
Genre: TV Tie-in, action, adventure, suspense, drama
Format: Standard Comic, 32 pgs, FC, Saddle Stitched
Retail Price: $3.99
Ship Date/Month: October
UPC Code: 882142-00301-00101

Author: Steven S. DeKnight (Spartacus TV Series writer)
Artist: Adam Archer / Tony Avina (colors)
Cover Artist: Adam Archer / Tony Avina (colors)

Inspired by the new Starz television series!

Arkadios is a once-proud Greek warrior that now finds himself enslaved by the Romans. Now he dreams of only one thing: revenge. He'll cut the head from his captor, even if he has to chop a gory-swath through an arena full of gladiators just to get there.

News submitted by Adi



21 August 2009

Erin Interview Article in Fitness Life Magazine


Erin is featured in a four page article in Fitness Life Magazine September 2009.

Erin speaks extensively about "Bitch Slap" and especially about "Spartacus" with emphasis on the physical aspects of playing Sura. There is also a lot about residing in New Zealand. She sounds quite happy too.

Check out the scans here

News submitted by Lux15 on AUSXIP Spartacus Chat



21 August 2009

Michael Hurst Directing More Spartacus Episodes

Michael's Official site has been updated with the news that he will be directing more Spartacus episodes:

Spartacus: Blood and Sand
Michael is directing episode 1.9 of new American tv show Spartacus: Blood and Sand for Starz Productions.  He has already directed episode 1.5 and will be directing 1.12.



18 August 2009

Spartacus Casting Call - Herald on Sunday

Herald on Sunday - Spy Column 16 August 2009

*Casting call*

gal/Promo_Images/Lucretia/_thb_lucretia05.jpgOne young extra who's eager to make her name in the world of acting told * Spy* about a casting call she's taking part in on the set of hit American TV show *Spartacus *currently shooting in West Auckland.

Casting agents are looking for girls to play servants. Modesty is not an option. The role calls for frontal nudity and casting agents are preferably looking for girls with their own pubic hair, otherwise, I'm told, the girls will be fitted with wigs.

No joke! A frontal falsie! Is there some sort of specialist crotch-toupee stylist to fit them?

Admittedly, this prudish columnist is completely clueless to the inside machinations of film sets and broke out into hysterical fits of adolescent giggles when this story crossed my lap, er desk, but it appears thesps I've spoken to are a lot more mature. Being fitted for a merkin is par of the course, apparently.

In fact, the show's leading lady, *Lucy Lawless*, told last month that she was offered a pubic wig for her first full-frontal nude scene, but admitted there was pressure on the *Spartacus* set to go au natural.

She said: "I haven't worn it [the pubic wig] yet... I was like 'have you got a red one?' We have one just in case. We have one person in the cast who insists on being naked... I think that person thinks it will surprise the person they're acting opposite."

She added of the show: "There's full frontal male nudity. You see plenty, trust me. I'm a little traumatized."



17 August 2009

Lucy Audio Interview From Comic Con

There is an audio clip of Lucy being interviewed after Comic Con at TV Squad. About one third down the page under the line

Lucy Lawless on being nude (1:58)
there is a blue square with a black arrow. Click on the arrow. She is so cute.

Click here to listen

Discuss this with other fans on AUSXIP Spartacus Chat



16 August 2009

AUSXIP Spartacus Forum Now Online

Welcome to the new Spartacus forum on AUSXIP Talking Xena. This space has been created to chat about the show, discuss the episodes, create art and just have a great time.

The AUSXIP Talking Xena moderators and I felt the need to have a special place for this new show because it will generate a lot of discussion and topics may get lost in the Lucy Chat area. It's been a long time since Lucy has been a regular on a tv show and we honour that with this forum.

I want to thank Tobias for designing this new section that gives it such a great feel and let's have fun!

With any new home, there is a few house rules and these are:

1. Please do not post screencaptures or images that show naughty bits (male or female) as this is an open forum where minors can read messages and it goes against AUSXIP and AUSXIP Talking Xena policy regarding Spartacus and nudity.

2. Banners are also included in that policy.

3. If you would like to discuss the episodes please use SPOILER in the topic header and some space in the message just to be on the safe side as a courtesy for those keeping spoiler free.

4. Artwork can be showcased here (be aware of rule #1) and they will also be showcased on AUSXIP Spartacus Blood and Sand Web Site

Other than those rules; please have alot of fun in chatting about Spartacus Blood and Sand. It promises to be a great show!

Click here to go to the new forum (AUSXIP Talking Xena members who are already registered can post immediately. If you are not a member and would like to join in the discussions, please register first.



15 August 2009

Spartacus Casting News...

amira.jpgAs things slow down a little from the Comic Con and TCA PR tours, there been some rumours hovering about on another casting on Spartacus for the role of Amira. It's been speculated that Katrina Law will be playing the role of Amira who will be Spartacus' love interest. The initial post from Katrina's boyfriend posted here has been removed and from several other sources but the speculation remains.

I guess we wait and see if the lovely Katrina will be on Spartacus or not and if Amira is the love interest for Sparty who is missing his Sura or something <g>

Stay tuned!



9 August 2009

New Lucy and Viva Promo Image from EW 14 August 2009

There is a gorgeous new promo pic of Lucy and Viva from Spartacus in this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly. Scanned by Roger.

Entertainment Weekly 14 August 2009
First Look - Lucy Lawless In a Sexy New Spartacus

Click here to view the larger scan



7 August 2009

New Site - AUSXIP Andy Whitfield News & Multimedia

  I'm very pleased to announce a site dedicated to Andy Whitfield. The site will feature images and other multimedia on Spartacus as well as his previous roles. I am aided and abetted by two AUSXIP sidekicks, Mesh and Roger. Click here to view the new site

Mesh has created a super banner for the site and also screencaptures for Andy's role in the movie Gabriel. Click here to view those

Mesh has also been busy in creating some Andy wallpapers that are just superb.
Check those out here



7 August 2009

Erin Cummings (Sura) Audio Interview

Erin was interviewed by the Daily Actor site when she appeared at the 2009 Comic Con.

If you're a fan of Dollhouse, you've most likely seen Erin Cummings. She had a recurring role on that show this past season and also had a guest starring role on Cold Case.

If you're not familiar with her, get ready, because she's about to make a big splash in the upcoming Starz series, Spartacus: Blood and Sand. She plays Spartacus' wife, Sura, and she's going to surprise you.

Erin has some great things to say on training and getting for a huge part like this... and she also has something to say about actors who don't stick to the script. It's well worth the listen!

Listen to the interview!

Many thanks to Lance!



7 August 2009

Craig Parker (Glaber) to Attend 2009 Dragoncon

Craig Parker has been added to the guest list for Dragoncon in Atlanta during 4-7 September 2009. I have very fond memories of Dragoncon having attended my very first convention back in 2001. Dragoncon is quite an experience.

Craig also has a bio page which is now available on the Official Dragoncon site:

Actor, Craig Parker is perhaps best known in the U.S for his portrayal of the elf, Haldir, in Peter Jackson's, Lord of the Rings and as the evil tyrant, Darken Rahl, in ABC's Legend of the Seeker. He is also about to appear as Spartacus' nemesis, Claudius Glaber in Starz groundbreaking new show, Spartacus.

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7 August 2009

Press Release - Spartacus to Premiere 22 January 2010


Aussie Import Andy Whitfield Stars as Legendary Gladiator Leader in the Action-Adventure Drama Series

Lucy Lawless and John Hannah Play Scheming Couple With Cast of Talented Fresh Faces in Channel's Newest Drama Series

Pasadena, CA - July 29, 2009 - Starz executives today announced that "Spartacus: Blood and Sand," the network's highly  anticipated original series, will debut Friday, January 22, 2010 at 10:00 pm et/pt. The hour-long drama, shot on location in New Zealand, stars Andy Whitfield as the gladiator warrior hero Spartacus.



5 August 2009

New Starz Show 'Spartacus' Faces Quite A Battle

New Starz show 'Spartacus' faces quite a battle
The Kansas City Star

Editor's note: TV critic Aaron Barnhart is in Pasadena, Calif., for the annual Television Critics Association fall tour.

When the cast of "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" took their seats on stage, the press in the hotel ballroom were as silent as a hapless gladiator whose head has just been separated from his shoulders.

It was a stark contrast to the bloodthirsty screams that greeted Lucy Lawless -- the once and forever "Xena: Warrior Princess" -- just a few days earlier at the fan-tastic Comic-Con International in San Diego. There, the onetime quiver-wielding, leather-skirt- wearing syndicated TV star and lesbian icon was greeted as a conquering heroine.

Here, not so much. Journalistic protocol at the twice-yearly TV critics' tours obliges us to keep our game faces on.

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4 August 2009

Lucy Quote Microwaving A Skinned Opponents Face...

Zap2It has a very funny quote from Lucy from the TCA Spartacus panel:

17 of 27
Lucy Lawless
"It's not floppy enough, what do we do? Let's bing it in the microwave!"
-- Lucy Lawless discussing the "Spartacus" prosthetic team's dilemma in creating a fake face that's been skinned from an opponent for the victor to wear.

News submitted by Barbara Davies



3 August 2009

Spartacus Comic Con Trading Cards More Scans

Added the final 4 cards in the set that were released at Comic Con as part of the Ultimate Spartacus Fan Pack. The missing cards are:

Ashur, Barca, Glaber and Ilythia

Cards contributed and scanned by Angela.

Click here to view all 12 cards



2 August 2009

Comic Con Spartacus Panel Video from Starz

Starz has released the complete panel footage (runs approx 50 minutes) from Comic Con.



1 August 2009

Lucy on E! News 01 August 2009 - Video and Caps

Very short interview with Lucy (probably a part of a bigger segment to be shown later in the year?) on E!News.

Screencaptures and video now online (created by Roger)

Click here to view and watch



1 August 2009

Spartacus Comic Con Trading Cards

The following trading cards were given to fans who attended the Spartacus panel at Comic Con as part of the Ultimate Spartacus Fan Pack.

There are 8 cards with a main character pic and a bio at the back
Click here to view



1 August 2009


1 August 2009

Lucretia HQ Promo Images

Just posted a HQ version of the previously released smaller full body promo pic of Lucy at Lucretia. Two versions of it: a close up (HQ quality) and the full body shot (HQ quality). Images are (C) 2009 Starz Media.

Click here to view



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