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29 September 2009

Erin Twitters About Spartacus

Erin has posted on her Twitter account about life on the Spartacus set...

12:56 AM Sep 26th from web: Finally made it to a workout at Les Mills, where to work out when in Auckland!

5:43 PM Sep 26th from web: Off to meet with the director of the next Spartacus episode to discuss my upcoming scenes. This episode is a mind fuck.... but brilliant.

about 21 hours ago from web: 1st day back on the Spartacus set - glorious crew that I adore, brilliant actors who inspire, and the writing... it's just jaw-dropping.

about 3 hours ago from web: On set, about to put on my costume. White body paint. Yup, that's about it! Looks amazing though.... Like a snowflake... a sexy snowflake.



27 September 2009

Manu Strutting Down The Runway - A*Muse Fashion Show

Manu traded his gladiator gear for some budgie smugglers in Pamela Anderson's A*Muse Fashion Show during the NZ Fashion Week. Manu looked gorgeous although slightly more hairy (check out that wig!).

For those not familiar with the term "budgie smugglers" here is the explanation: Australian slang term for men's tight-fitting Speedo-style swimwear. We Aussies are a creative lot..heh.

The following articles relate to Manu and the fashion show:

Sunday Star Times - 27 September 2009


Has Tommy Lee been going to the gym? No, it's former Shortland St actor Manu Bennett.

Bennett met Pamela Anderson when she visited the Auckland studios of gladiator movie Spartacus on Thursday. Then on Friday night the pair (pictured right) had a ''good old chinwag'' at Fashion Week with Keisha Castle-Hughes and Lucy Lawless in Anderson's caravan after the A*Muse show, in which they both modelled (Bennett wearing a pair of budgie smugglers and his Spartacus wig).

Bennett: ''Pam was equally as awestruck to meet Keisha because she knew WhaleRider, and then having Lucy there being the warrior woman, and Pamela Anderson being the buxom Baywatch babe, and Keisha, the young innocent WhaleRider girl, and myself in my crazy wig, it was quite an entourage.''  Anderson told the Star-Times she found Kiwi men ''gorgeous'' so did she hit on him? Bennett: ''I'm not actually going to put words to that . . . I gave her a bit of a Maori welcome to New Zealand, she gave me a nice hug in return.''


NZ Herald 26 September 2009
Showtime - and Pammy's the pin-up girl

It was a fun show. Former Shortland Star Manu Bennett was virtually unrecognisable as a hulky, long-haired, caveman-style figure who brandished his surfboard on the runway like a shield.  Anderson has signed it and it will be sold for charity for the Starship Foundation. The connection was made when she visited the set of Spartacus: Blood and Sword on Thursday and met its star, Lucy Lawless, who was at the after-party.





21 September 2009

Spartacus Screenings at MIPCom 5 - 6 October 2009

According to the MIPCOM calendar of events there are a couple of 'invitation only' Spartacus screenings on 5th and 6th October.

And this reception/gala is going to be interesting (and a bit drafty) for the guests. :)

Starz Highlights Spartacus: Blood and Sand
By Kristin Brzoznowski
Published: September 21, 2009

LOS ANGELES: Starz Media is co-sponsoring the MIPCOM opening-night reception to highlight its new original drama Spartacus: Blood and Sand with a Roman-themed gala at the Hotel Majestic.

The 13x1-hour series is from executive producers Rob Tapert, Sam Raimi, Joshua Donen and Steven S. DeKnight. Andy Whitfield, who plays the reluctant hero title character, leads an international cast that also includes Lucy Lawless, John Hannah, Erin Cummings, Peter Mensah, Manu Bennett and Nick E. Tarabay.


News contributed by Barbara Davies



20 September 2009

Meeting The Spartacus Cast...

I'm back from my trip to New Zealand (yay!) where I went to see Lucy perform in The Starship Supernova Swing. This is part of my report (relating to the Sparty Cast):

I also got the chance to meet the Spartacus cast at the concert! What a great bunch of people. Many thanks to Andy, Jai, Lesley Ann, Viva, Peter, Katrina Law and her partner Keith for being so cool (sure hope I didn't forget anyone). Those guys came to support Lucy and that in my book is MEGA cool. Andy has such a presence, he's a quiet bloke but there is something about him that tells me this guy is going to be one hell of a Spartacus.

Peter has the most gorgeous smile and so tall and before anyone says that everyone is taller than me, pfft :-) . Jai what a cutie...I seriously wanted to run my fingers through his curly blond hair (I did resist the urge). I didn't meet Manu but admired from afar when he was dancing. Lesley, Viva and Katrina are very beautiful women (they have that something that I can't put into words; their pictures don't do them justice) but they were also so sweet and down to earth. Damn, Rob Tapert sure knows how to cast people that are stellar. 

I'm looking forward to seeing these great actors on screen.

Read Full Report



7 September 2009

Video on Demand and Web sneak preview plans

'Crash' Lands on VOD, Web - Head Start for Second-Season Debut of Starz Series
By by R. Thomas, Umstead

Starz will look to build momentum for the second season of its scripted drama Crash by offering the first two episodes of the show's new season on video-on-demand and the Web in advance of its launch on the linear channel. [...] "The whole purpose of the originals is also to get people interested in Starz and get people to take notice of Starz," he said. "By making it available to viewers outside of just the Starz network, we're trying to build anticipation of the show as well as drive people to the network where they can find all the shows." [...]

Starz will also deploy its VOD and online sneak-preview strategy for its January 2010 launch of its newest original series Spartacus, according to Shelanski. Spartacus joins a growing original-programming lineup that includes the April debut of the second season of comedy series Party Down and the debut of a new laugher series, tentatively titled Failure to Fly.

Full article | Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the info.



2 September 2009

New Spartacus Promo from Wizards Magazine Sept Issue

Added a high resolution scan from Wizards Magazine September 2009 Issue! Scanned by JulieH

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